From Culinary Herb to Medicinal Remedy

Oregano is known by many names, including wild marjoram. Its botanical name is Origanum vulgare, and is a perennial herb that grows in much of the world. It blooms in late summer, and both the leaves and the flowers have medicinal qualities. Oregano has been used for centuries both internally and externally for medicinal purposes. The herb produces a natural dye, and has traditionally been used to sweeten the laundry while being washed and stored away. Oregano tea is just one of the many ways this cheerful little herb can be used, and it is an essential culinary herb in many international dishes.

Typically, oregano is used to help relieve toothache, act as a stimulant, and helps greatly with digestive disorders ranging from colic to Irritable Bowel Syndrome spasms. Oregano tea can be used to treat internal disorders, and the tea can also be used externally for its astringent properties. It is a very useful tool against bug bites and skin irritation. It is one of the best natural remedies for sore throat, and acts as a bronchodilator for coughing and colds. Many studies have been done to understand the potential antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of this plant and many more are planned.

In folklore, oregano tea and poultices were effective against headache and irritated mucus membrane. The plant and the tea can be used to help reduce fevers and works as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent during illness. The tea bags of oregano can be heated in water, and applied to external swellings caused by bruises, scratches or bug bites, and will not only reduce the inflammation, but act as an antiseptic on the skin. It is also a relief for tired or overextended muscles. Again apply slightly hot tea bags to the area - using care to avoid burns - and reapply until the swelling and fatigue is gone.

Oregano tea is also an excellent and soothing way to reduce the pain of gas, IBS or other chronic digestive disorders. It can soothe nausea, reduce problems like constipation or diarrhea, and may even help with gallbladder disease. It can act as a menstrual cramp reliever, and is a mild diuretic that can reduce bloating from excess water. It detoxifies the body by encouraging the increase of the sweat glands, and will help flush the toxins out through both the skin and the bladder. Many women have enjoyed the benefits of oregano tea for the improved comfort during their periods.

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